Senior full-stack developer and solutions architect
Hi, I'm Sean.

I'm a senior full-stack developer and solutions architect.

I have been sharing my need for speed since 1998 when I started hacking on the internet. I help businesses build elegant, robust and scalable software with the best tools.

Here's how I can help you

Backend Software Development

I set the foundation for long-term stability, performance, and predictability. Using the latest tools and methodologies, I continuously produce high-quality code that is easy to maintain and scale. In a nutshell: I'm your backend now.

Frontend Software Development

Frontend development is not just fun and games. It's hell, knives, forks, spoons, and serving plates all in one kitchen! Allow me to worry about all the complexities of your project. I will provide you with the most beautiful experience possible for your customers.


Sometimes you just want to Netflix and chill, but other times you want to deliver software at high velocity to mercilessly beat down your competition. Yeah, I'm the guy that sets up your infrastructure and deployment processes for fun... and um, well, profit.

System Architecture

Software doesn't exist in a vacuum. It needs a database, firewalls, electro-conspicutators, and many other components that form the bigger picture. You need someone that knows what the heck they're talking about here.

API Development

It sounds technical, and it is. Your customers (might) love you more if you give them a way to interact with your software with their software. Whether it's REST, GraphQL, or SOAP, look no further, I'm the API whisperer.

Flutter Mobile Development

If it's the selfie generation that you are targeting, you'd better have a mobile application in place that delivers that instant Dopamine hit. I use Flutter to cost-effectively build fast mobile apps for Android and iOS.

I'm currently working on


IndieMaker is the largest maker-orientated marketplace to buy and sell side-projects, micro-saas, domains, and more.

I’ve been responsible for all the planning, design, infrastructure, and software development behind the IndieMaker platform. Initially, we had a simple Laravel PHP application that I eventually rebuilt in Ruby on Rails. Our next release is around the corner, and it will take the platform to the next level. We’re currently growing with around 1000 new makers a month.

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MyPerks (sold)

Everyday Perks that save you money and provide the best discounts from your favorite brands.

MyPerks started out providing specially negotiated discounts to organizations to offer to their employees as an extended benefit. We’ve recently opened it to the public, and the app can be downloaded and used if you are in a supported region. We aggressively work to bring users the best in class Perks in the form of discounts and deals.

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MyPerks (sold)

Some of my open source work


Gump is a PHP input validation library with no dependencies. It's a popular library used on many websites and has inspired other frameworks.

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Plugg is a simple plugin framework for Ruby. It gives you a simple DSL to build plugin-based workflows for any Ruby application.

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Passw is a straightforward and secure password generator used in any Ruby application to generate passwords.

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Wobbly is a simple Ruby library that allows you to parse string date tokens into functional Ruby DateTime objects effortlessly.

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Ruby Gravatar

Ruby Gravatar swiftly generates gravatar URL strings or and image tags from your email addresses. Simple, fast, and dependency-free.

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Amethyst Framework

Amethyst is the first web framework for the Crystal programming language. I'm currently rebuilding it from the ground up.

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About me

I’ve been building software for the web, desktop, hardware, and mobile platforms for the better part of 17 years, and millions of people worldwide use my work. My experience includes all the usual tools and tricks you’d expect from a senior-level software developer and solutions architect.

Problem-solving in the simplest possible way is at the heart of my work. I have a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach that focuses on simplicity and results. I choose to spend my time based on this core philosophy that software should make people and businesses better at what they do. Creating systems in this way is what inspires me to keep creating.

My background includes founding and running a custom software development studio for a decade. As an owner of a software studio, I acquired many hats, really - I have a cupboard full. I hired, scaled, and worked with remote development teams for the studio and clients.

Projects at the studio were often high-stake, complex, multi-stakeholder projects. As a result, I’m used to working with and managing various people - from freelancers, contractors, digital agencies, large enterprises, third-party software providers to a host of service providers.

It’s been an action-packed journey, so I’ve done all the hacking, big stakes, high-pressure, late-night glamour you saw on the Silicon Valley series. And what’s more, I lived to write this!

I work with (most of the time) and enjoy Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, Node.js, Flutter, and Golang.

"I was told that Sean can do miracles. I was skeptical at first but when I saw the results he delivered, I became a true believer! We had a very complex project delivered to us in a record time. An extremely capable & helpful developer."

Tony Gougassian
Tony Gougassian Founder - BLU Loyalty / Dubai

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